Preventative Maintenance

What is PM?

In contrast to reactive maintenances which are typically emergency responses to equipment failure, preventative maintenance is the regularly scheduled service of equipment. Preventative maintenances range from 6 months to biannual depending on the demands of the electrical system. At the basic level, a preventative maintenance involves inspection and repair of equipment.

According to the IEEE, reactive maintenances have several disadvantages some of which are:

  • Safety Issues

  • Uncontrollable And Unpredictable Budget Costs

  • Shorter Life Expectancy For Equipment

  • Greater Chance Of Inspection Failure

  • Increased Downtime For Equipment And Employees

  • Repeat Issues And Breakdowns

Iscoca Electrical Services Limited perform preventative maintenance on a regular basis. Our maintenance clientele includes corporations of medium to large scale operations involving equipment rated 600V and above. Our preventative maintenance scope of work is comprehensive and in accordance with the best industrial practices set in North America such as NETA. Our experience and understanding of power systems allow clients to have customized preventative maintenance programs designed to best optimize their electrical systems.

The following are some of the activities included in our preventative maintenance:

INSPECTION: in depth assessment of electrical components and mechanical parts for integrity, functionality and residue of electrical defaults such as arching.

  • Inferred thermographic scanning
  • Transformer maintenance (dry and oil filled)
  • Air circuit breaker service
  • Protective relay testing
  • High voltage cable testing
  • Ensuring calibration of electrical equipment
  • Verifying tightness of bolts accessible connections of electrical equipment
  • Visual inspection and cleaning and lubricating equipment
  • Motor control centre inspection and testing
  • Ensuring SLD is up to date
  • Preparation of a final report summarizing the findings and recommendations of the maintenance


Example case of custom PM plan developed for client. One liner on client and 2 liner on scope of PM.

What is the Iscoca Advantage:

  • Customized solution
  • Comprehensive service
  • Ongoing support
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